Legendary marlin man, Captain Charles Perry talks “wiring” and reflects on a remarkable life on the ocean

Destin, FL (June 17, 2019) – “I’m a member of the overboard wireman’s club,” says Captain Charles Perry, with a good-natured grin. 

Perry, a legendary bluewater angler, wire-man and captain with 28 black and 3 blue marlin over 1,000-pounds to his credit, recalls one of numerous times he went overboard, Australian black marlin still attached to the business end of a rod and reel.

“When I hit the water, I looked around and found myself 25-feet from the boat,” recounts Perry. “Still had the leader wrapped around one hand, but was also concerned a loop might have made its way around my neck, given all the slack wire behind me. Soon as I cleared it, the fish dove, dragging me down for a ride. Finally got the double wraps off my hand and began swimming toward the surface. The boat looked like a little dingy from 35-feet below. Whole thing happened in less than 5 seconds. Marlin are crazy-fast swimmers, mate. Powerful, too.”

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