Destin, FL(June 14, 2018) – They’ve been referred to as “performance enhancing” and an “unfair advantage.” The fact nearly every wide receiver in the NFL and NCAA now uses gloves to protect their hands and grip pigskins should not go unnoticed by anglers. Apparently, it hasn’t been. Several seasons back, gloves designed for fishermen and women started showing up in grip-and-grin photos and live tournament coverage, everywhere. The reasons? Enhanced fishing performance and protection from outdoor elements.

Recognizing the glaring lack of premium fish-centric gloves early on, Fish Monkey began researching and designing a comprehensive lineup of situation specific hand-gear. Today, Fish Monkey offers the most complete—and continually expanding—array of exceptional angling gloves. Two of its most popular styles, the Stubby Guide Gloveand the Pro 365 Guide Glove, now brandish Fish Monkey’s newest, statement-making patterns. 


Voodoo Swamp Purple and Voodoo Swamp Green outfit anglers with virtual hand graffiti; both patterns scream ‘street cred’ of the aquatic kind. At the same time, progressive Fish Monkey materials safeguard your two most important fishing appendages.

Patterned to grant sensitivity and total freedom of movement in the wrists and fingers, the Stubby Guide Glove gives anglers the most natural fit on the water. The half-finger, shortened open-wrist guide glove provides a “second skin fit” with a non-slip silicone palm print for comfort, grip and support. Its quick-drying spandex back provides UPF 50+ sun protection to boot. Special “pullers” yield easy-on, easy-off without turning the glove inside out. Guides and pro anglers continually call out the following advantages: casting and sensitivity while fishing, tying knots, safe fish handling, poling the flats, and hand protection from cuts, sun and fatigue.


Tailored with slightly longer fingers and wrist, the Pro 365 Guide Glove is the most versatile fishing glove available, effective in all but the most extreme conditions. Built with the same “second skin fit”, UPF 50+ sun protection and quick-drying qualities as the Stubby, the Pro 365 Guide Glove adds a synthetic leather palm for a non-slip grip.

“I recently landed over 60 bass while wearing Fish Monkey Guide Gloves,” says Steve Pennaz, host of Lake Commandos TV. “What amazed me is that besides totally protecting my hands from sunburn, I noticed absolutely no signs of bass thumb—those annoying scrapes and punctures associated with lipping largemouth and smallmouth bass. I can’t say enough good things about Fish Monkey Guide Gloves and the importance of wearing them on every fishing outing. They’ve become standard equipment for me.”




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